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VESC HD-60T detailed specs (auxiliary power)

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VESC HD-60T detailed specs (auxiliary power)


I have two VESC HD-60T which I use for a project driving 4 motors, a couple of servos and a Rasberry Pi 4B. I try to figure out if I need additional auxiliary power or if the built-in converter is enough. 

As for the specs I only find the information given by Trampa (

- 5V and 3.3V supply for external devices

Does anyone know what DCDC converter chips the HD-60T uses? Primarily the 5V converter. Would need a total of 6A, or 1.5A per motor unit. If the is used here too, that would in other words seem to be just enough. 

Also, do you anticipate any problems with interconnecting the 5V power from each of the 4 units? Thinking adding a diode to each of the 5V outputs and having a common ground. Not intending on connecting the grounds in more places. Guess it would mean that the negative side of the 4 batteries powering the VESCs would become connected as a result.