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Torque Ripples with AC Servo Motor and Trampa VESC6 MKI

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Torque Ripples with AC Servo Motor and Trampa VESC6 MKI

Hello everyone,

i'm trying to run a Panasonic Servo Motor off a Trampa VESC 6 MKI i have laying around from an old eMTB project, however i cant get to run it smoothly. My goal is to setup a direct drive racing simulator wheelwith the OpenFFB project.

The Motor i'm using is this one (well it has a different product key but difference is only in encoder and shaft config): Motor

also an image of the specs: SmartSelect_20230619_203546_eBay.jpg

The setup i'm using is as follows:

- 24V PSU with braking resistor

- sensorless for now, tried with AS5048 encoder and didn't work better

- motor wires soldered to bullet connectors, brake wires connected to separate 12v psu (motor turns freely)

The problem i have is that there are what i can only call torque ripples when running the motor. I feel them when gripping the shaft at low constant currents and the motor current is oscillating. The ripples happen 5 times per rotation, correlating to the 5 pole pairs in the motor.

I tried the FOC detection with low erpm (60), calculated using higher time constant (3000) and generally did all the things that made sense from my knowledge about the vesc tool. It got better but not good enough i think.

Does anyone know how i can approach troubleshooting the problem?

Thanks you!

Also heres  a video of the motor running: Video