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Trampa 100/250 with Cyc X1 Pro motor

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Trampa 100/250 with Cyc X1 Pro motor

Dear VESC supporter and team,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your are superstars :) !!!!! to everyone participate in the VESC project! Thank You!!!! :)

I use a CYC X1 Pro motor with 100/250....but it doesn't work well in FOC mode....with a 36 volt battery everything is perfect.....but a fully charged 12s or more is problematic. If I reach around 55,000 ERPM under load, the engine starts doing very interesting things (like switching the drive on and off very quickly), without load I reach 80,000 EPRM (and even under less load, if I can pass over 55,000 60,000 ERPM, above  it works fine again)
It works in BLDC mode, I reach 80000 ERPM without load, but under load PWM mode Synchronous only 70000 ERPM max but no realy powerfull... but in PWM mode Bipolar is amazingly strong, but only 55-60000 ......ERPM max....

Another error is: sometimes the motor doesn't start, I have to turn the motor shaft a bit by hand and then it starts... (it only doesn't do this in BLDC PWMbipolar mode)


Can anyone help me with the FOC settings? or to reach a higher RPM in BLDC mode?



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You seem to be getting oscillations which is typical under load and higher RPMs. You would need to dial in mostly inductance, flux, and possibly KP and KI. What seems to help a lot also is bumping the switching frequency to around 40-45kHz, although that adds to switching losses. I found this video from Vedder pretty useful in dealing with oscillations:



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