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75100 ESC Hardware and firmware open source

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75100 ESC Hardware and firmware open source

I am the original author of 75100 hardware.I'm still a student and like DIY E-bike.

Due to my personal reasons, the schematic has not been completed. At present, there are only PCB files with chaotic component annotation and source code.There are also some typical features in the hardware design. Some resistors and capacitors are saved in some places, which is not a very perfect thing.

This is the 75100 which I have been working on for the last year March. 

During this period, I made several 75100 by hand and sold them on the second-hand trading platform in order to test the stability of the scheme.

The hardware definition of 75100 is changed based on the hardware definition of 100250. The ADC channel, shunt setting and partial voltage setting are reconfigured, and phase filter, redundant temperature sensor and other peripherals are removed.

I have made two versions, one using stm32f405rgt6 and the other using stm32f407igh6.
At the same time, I also made a 75200, but the production process is more difficult.Because the copper column is difficult to accurately weld on the aluminum substrate,This is almost impossible to mass produce.

I modified the overcurrent protection part of the firmware, because in VESC, the overcurrent protection does not directly depend on the sampling value of a shunt, but the motor current calculated from three shunts. If the MOSFET fails, the current of a shunt will be very large, but the program will not return an error, Therefore, I modified the program so that when the Slow ABS Current Limit is False, the overcurrent protection is directly based on the value sampled on the shunt, and when the Slow ABS Current Limit is True, it is based on the original overcurrent protection.

I downloaded the firmware people got from flipsky fs75100 from the Internet and downloaded it to my hardware. Based on this, I can conclude that the firmware was obtained from a 75100 I had previously sold, and its version is 3.00.Later, I learned that the staff of flipsky bought two 75100 from me, but I didn't know who the buyer was at that time.

The price of the two 75100 is 750 yuan, or about 118 dollars, which is very cheap.But in fact, my material cost is $25 per ESC.

The reason for publishing this article is that I saw a product very similar to the 75100 I was using on the Internet. I searched on the Internet and found that the address and telephone number of the consignee I bought were consistent with those on the flipsky website.

Recently, I downloaded the beta version of VESC code and recompiled the newer 75100 firmware.

Now you can experience the latest features of VESC on 75100, such as MTPA and field weakening.

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Hello everyone Actually he also has a vesc4 75v/200a, it's good after I've been working for a long time, no integrated mos driver, has 12 FET, but the filpsky behavior is disgraceful, stealing someone else's work to make a commodity and not  open source.


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Hello, Im sorry that flipsky stole your vesc, i bought one from them and it seems good, but I have some temperatures problem, it gets hot fast, to around 80c, I dont know if i messed some settings up or something, anyway im using it on a city coco scooter with 2000w motor runing at 80A on phases and 60A battery. the motor preset was set on hub motors with >6000g. First i tried using > 2000g preset but i constantly got abs overcurrent protection. Motor is running fine now but it seems to throttle when temps get high on the controller, motor temp is like 30c. Do you gave any ideas? Should I install a bigger heatsink, 75100 is really small for the power.


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We have a custom motor which has a very low inductance of 25 microhenry and 38 milliweber. Would like to understand how to tune the VESC to make this work.

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Hi mate it posible to used stm32g431 also??