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PAS and ADC (minimum input)

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PAS and ADC (minimum input)

Dear All,

I think it would be useful to add a new type of control to VESC tool and firmware, where the input is defined by the lowest input of ADC and PAS. This is a useful feature if someone want to pedal effectively but don't want to use the assist all the time, because he/she want to conserve energy for later or simply want to be silent. Or the ones who find the throttle input a more direct control of vehicle instead of the PAS, but want to keep that as an option during use. It also would block all the non intentional input from PAS sensor.

To make things clear I would rename the current PAS and ADC control type to "ADC and PAS (MAX)" as the result is the equal to the maximum of these inputs. And add another type called as: ADC and PAS (MIN) for the minimum.