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Step-by-step manual or overview for VESC + Arduino control

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Step-by-step manual or overview for VESC + Arduino control


I'm working on a project of a high speed camera sled for which I bought a Flipsky BLDC motor and the Flipsky FSESC which is based on VESC. 

I'm a beginner with microcontrollers and therelike but an avid tinkerer and maker. After a thorough research phase over many months I still haven't found the right way to control the FSESC through Arduino–either via PWM or UART.

There are a couple of websites and some youtube videos which show the code you need or working projects but I couldn't find a comprehensive overview of the whole process from start to finish.

Does anybody know of such a step-by-step tutorial or would be willing to do a video tutorial if you know how to do it? I think there would be a great demand for such a introductory video so more people could use more powerful BLDC motors for their robotic projects and so on.

Thank you in advance for any help and hints.

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odrive ?