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VESC Tool manuals (non video based)

Submitted by frank on Tue, 2017-10-03 19:42


What kind of Operating System on my computer do i need to use the VESC Tool?



I am currently setting up my ESC using motor setup wizard, however, when asked to run the detection for the parameters, my motor does not cooperate. I have gone through both FOC and BLDC, however neither are working. Any advice for how to make it work. I am using a torque board motor 6353/190KV and my battery that I am trying to set it up with is 4 cells 5.2 A, 14.8V. I plan on running my longboard with two of these LiPo batteries 

Hi mjmarchetto

maybe you got it working in the meantime, but I guess you are facting the same problem as I that your setup has a high inertio, so the overcurrent protection got in between. Try to set the eRPM (500afaik) in the detection lower for FOC. For BC (called BLDC here) I did not get mine working at all; as I got not feedback how to tweak the setup I was unable to get further on that front, but as FOC works as it should (so far) it's OK for me.



Pedelec usage in combination with a GoldenMotor MagicPie3 BLDC

Hi, You can use whats called a "Virtual Machine" to run linux, mac, or windows OS's on your computer. I have a PC, and I run Linux through a virtual machine. My friend has a mac, and he runs Windows 10 on his mac on a VM. The software is called virtual box. Its made by a pretty big company named Oracle. It is free! Get ready to watch some youtube videos on the subject if you're unfamiliar with it.

Hi, i seem to be having trouble simply connecting to my dual FOCBox setup.... it says something about delay semaphore expired could it have something to do with baud rate?

Zoom zoom

I am trying to install bldc tool on windows 10 but instalation crashes on startup is there any trick to fix this issue? 

Been googling around for VESC tool errors and I'm not coming up with much. There might be some specific compatability issues here. What kind of error code were you getting btw (if you still have it, I realize this was 6 months ago.)  I'm gettting a 0xc5

Unfortunately I can't even start the tool on windows,

I copied exe file to desktop and when I double click it, it shows an error message."vesc 2.02 exe stopped working" Windows will close the program.

Any ideas?

Mac Motor

I have installed the tool properly and when I click to open it begins to open and immediately closes and disappears, I removed all security settings leaving my computer wide-open but still it doesn't work and I see other people have the same problem so it would be real nice if somebody would respond with a fix.

it would be nice if somebody replied with a fix in July 2020


ernest sanne

which types of motors are supportred by the VESC controller

can we use it with all AC and DC motors?

can we use it with PMSM?

or only BLDC?




добавляю vesc tool в корзину, нажимаю кнопку (оформить заказ) из корзины всё пропадает, и сообщает что (vesc tool из корзины удалён ) соответсвенно покупки не происходит! подскажите как быть?


I installed the tool correctly, and when I click to open it, it opens for a few seconds before closing and disappearing. I removed all security settings, leaving my computer wide open, but it still doesn't work, and I see that other people are having the same issue, so it would be great if someone could respond with a fix. unblocked