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Normal topic Maytech 75/300 R2 v.6.02 fault
by Ai on Thu, 2024-05-30 17:16
VESC6 Beta
Normal topic Burning mosfets..
by gim420 on Thu, 2024-05-30 02:51
Third Party Hardware
Normal topic Enabling CAN Communication between VESC and BMS
by renaudbarbier on Wed, 2024-05-29 12:59
VESC Development and Beta Testing
Normal topic Electric Mower Blade Speed
by moose09876 on Tue, 2024-05-28 20:38
Feature Requests
Normal topic How VESCTOOL Determines the foc_sensor_mode
by NATUITION on Tue, 2024-05-28 11:29
Normal topic per-phase current control
by pf26 on Mon, 2024-05-27 19:36
General discussion
Normal topic Can I measure a 1.5 KW AC Servo with VESC Tool
by Don_Karlos on Sun, 2024-05-26 21:28
General discussion
Normal topic Controller 75100
by nilo on Sun, 2024-05-26 21:27
General discussion
Normal topic cruise control for control type duty cycle reverse button not working
by dipengrg on Mon, 2024-05-20 12:12
Normal topic Reading COMM packets through CAN.
by 1423rj on Mon, 2024-05-20 08:22
General discussion
Normal topic Watchdog reset not locatable
by edilger on Sun, 2024-05-19 14:29
VESC Firmware
Normal topic wheelchair with a joystick via Vesc
by hopeingod on Fri, 2024-05-17 12:00
General discussion
Normal topic bidirectional joystick conrol with saparate brake switch
by Erik fijlstra on Thu, 2024-05-16 16:02
Normal topic VESC Tool (Android) and save “App Cfg” (save failed)
by NoeI on Wed, 2024-05-15 18:45
Normal topic Flysky FESC 6.7 to disable 5V
by AryehChen on Wed, 2024-05-15 18:44
General discussion
Normal topic pulsation at mid speed
by smallbikefun on Sun, 2024-05-12 19:00
Normal topic How do I field weaken a bldc motor? I don’t see the setting
by IPizzaI on Sat, 2024-05-11 18:50
General discussion
Normal topic New to vesc confused
by Tukkis on Wed, 2024-05-08 22:30
General discussion
Normal topic Battery percentage mapping
by Sharkboy on Mon, 2024-05-06 22:55
General discussion
Normal topic aggressive throttle
by Sandro luis on Sun, 2024-05-05 04:42
General discussion


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